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 Rules of NCW/3PW
 1.  No crying over a lost, if you have any questions on why you lost e-mail the presidents of the federation.
 2. We all have been in many federations and, like me i know you guys have had to role-play against someone that never rps during the week but the last day sends 8 rps that beat out your 6 rps well you where at school or something.  This here is not allowed in the NCW/3PW. This is going to be one of the most enforced rules in NCW/3PW.  You are only allowed 1 role-play that's right 1 role-play on the day of the Deadline.
 3. At anytime you are not allowed to use another member in your interview/role-play unless you ask the staff and the person and everyone gives it and okay, or the morgority gives it an okay.
 4.  Tag teams well be build up as of friendships or stable mates.
 5.  We only allow 6 people per stable there for one stable doesn't have 15 members and the other only have 3.
 6.  The length for all role-plays in the 3PW is 35+ lines.If you can do better you will most likely be moved up to the NCW.
 7.  You can only be in the 3PW or if you get recruited up to the NCW at once,you can be in both.
 8. We are only allowing 1 wrestler per person.
 9.  Please be orginal we dont want no rappers or big time famous people in this fed as managers or anything, and we dont want names like Mr. Awesome think of a name to fit your self.
 10. Please title your rps with the starting of {3PW} and the the subject therefore we know that your in that fed.

 11. All of the staff members have the power to fire you but it must be a majority vote within the staff.Just incase your skeptical heres some circumstances in which you can be fired: 1.Dont RP for 2 weeks,TOS any member of the 3PW or NCW, Repeated excessive vulgar language in RP's after warning,whine about losing EVERYTIME,or if you violate any of the rules after your FIRST warning.....thats right you get only ONE warning then your gone.
 12. This is just a game everything is not to be taken to the heart so HAVE FUN!!