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 A Little Bit About You.
 1) The Email Address You Will Be Using For NCW/3PW Purposes :
 2) Your Name:
 3) Your Experiance As A Role Player (How long have you been role playing?):
 4) How many fedes are you in.
 5) Please place any of your friends e-mails that you know would like to join:
 Your Wrestler
 The Name Of Your Wrestler:
 Your Wrestler's Age:
 Your Wrestler's Hometown:
 Your Wrestler's Weight:
 Your Wrestler's Height:
 Your Wrestler's Background (Briefly explain!):
 Former Accolades (Title's in other federations):
 Signature Move's Name (Not finisher):
 Describe Your Signature Move:
 Finishing Move's Name:
 Describe Your Finishing Move:
 What Your Wrestler Wears Outside Of The Ring:
 What Your Wrestler Wears TO The Ring (Cape...Leather Jacket...etc):
 What Your Wrestler "Wrestles" In :
 Wrestlers Entrance Song {Please have a real song and artist i.e Four Horsemen By Metallica):
 Describe Your Wrestler's Entrance(This is how it well be used in the results):
 Your wrestle mostly looks like-
 You well need a roleplay if you don't have one send one from another fed  that your in.
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